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Dune bashing the amazing one

In the desert safari Dubai, there are many activities to go on with but the most amazing and the mostly done by the people is the Dune bashing. The dune is associated with the sand dune and riding a vehicle in the sand dune with pleasure and with tricks is termed as the dune bashing. This term is used by the great and filthy rich people but now it is accessible in the range of everyone.Dune bashing the amazing one

Dune bashing with us:

Usually, an SUV is used for this purpose. We have also the greatest model cars from the Toyota to make your bashing more trending and more charming. By our vehicles, your drive would be an excellent experience and you will keen to it. With this amazing Feature, we also provide you some other entertaining things like Camel Riding , Heena Painting and Sand Boarding etc.

we have also some entertaining things for you like

How we different?

We are different in this regard because of many aspects. For example, our company will give a driver also if you want the same price. Moreover, if you are a single one or have the family bother packages are available according to your range and comfort.

Our vehicles are different because of the unique featuring and the great amazement we had made in it.

Our Packages 


During the sand dune, mostly cars stuck with the dune. And the place would be a place of thrones for you. But don’t worry our vehicle is hazard free .It is a 4×4 vehicle and has also the accreditation to your comfort zone. Our vehicle has the full powered engine and equipped with the latest technologies.

Our vehicles have the low pressured tyres up to 12-14 psi. It will be so comfortable and according to research, it is safe and sound. So our company will deal you not as a customer but as a friend. It will be nicer for you.

So off road drive with safety. It will be surely nice for you. Enjoy your best morning Desert Safari by using our services.


Dune bashing the amazing one
Dune bashing the amazing one