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Fire show in Safari Desert

As the Evening desert Safari is known to possess many qualities and to provide many features for the entertainment of people. But in this way it is entirely different sort of thing. This is a full package of entertainment. The fire show is one of the enjoyable things. This is a totally amazing feature.Fire show in Safari Desert

What is the fire show?

In fire show firstly there would be no lights only the torch lights or the dull lights would be enlightening. The Fire show is also in Over Night Desert Safari special package. After this, the totally different environment would be created and bbq dinner is there for you and then the person will come with the fire strings having the fire on it. Now this can be observed clearly that what the person if performing for is.

The person here would be so talented and practiced now he will shake the strings by the clockwise and anticlockwise angels and will show you an entirely different way. Thus, you will be shocked with the tricks and the style he will display in front of you and in the morning the camel riding is waiting for you. The place would be so nice and the person with his talented styles will differently get your attraction and you will be grabbed to it. The fire show will be a source of joy and great humor. You can also check our two others dubai safari tours like morning Dubai safari and overnight Dubai safari

Other Entertaining things that we provide you in Safari Desert

  • Pick and Drop Service
  • Camel Riding
  • BBQ Dinner (For Veg and Non-Veg)
  • Dune Bashing
  • Sand Boarding
  • Fire Show
  • Arabic Traditional Tea



You will definitely get enthusiasm and inspiration by the tricks and by the clicks he will make. It will also display the picture like the Japanese Kung-Fu .So you will be zealous after having a view of it. This is totally a new and exciting place with the new tricks better than the man of art you might glance at parks and circuses. This person is so talented and makes your time precious in the open air place. So that you can have a glimpse of it. It will pay you great affection towards Dubai. This is entirely likened by the people.

It is also in the package available you should not worry about this worthy thing.

Fire show in Safari Desert
Fire show in Safari Desert