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Jumeira Mosque

Constructed in the medieval Fatimid tradition, Jumeira Mosque is a landmark of Dubai city. This mosque offers access to both Muslims and Non-Muslims. This Holy place is known as one of the most attractive mosques in the world. The interior is designed with Arabic calligraphy and rich ornamental patterns which attract people especially photographers from all over the world to visit this place and capture the modern beauty.

Jumeira Mosque

All the Jumeria Mosque tours are organized by the Dubai Desert Safari company. Whether you are a Muslim or Non-Muslim, you can contact us for a well-organized tour of the mosque. We have adopted the ‘open doors’ and ‘open minds’ policy for non-Muslims from all around the world, so that they can understand the culture of Muslims. The tour lasts for around 1-2 hours, during which you are openly allowed to take photographs, visit every corner of the modern designed mosque, and ask any questions about Islam.

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What’s Inside The Jumeria Mosque?


The interior of the mosque promotes the Islamic traditions and culture. Rich ornament patterns, and Arabic calligraphy on the walls and ceilings of the mosque, attract millions of photographers from all over the world.


Qibla Wall (the wall which all Muslims face while offering their prayers)


Minbar (A platform where Imam delievers the Friday sermon)


Mihrab (A semicircular niche in the wall of Jumeria Masjid, that indicates the Qiblah, and hence the exact direction Muslims should face when praying)


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Jumeira Mosque
Jumeira Mosque