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What does a desert safari offer?

An experience of a lifetime is what a desert safari offers. There are three types of desert safaris which you can take: a daytime safari, an evening safari, and an overnight safari. The daytime safari is the hardest, so not many people choose it. The evening safaris are more comfortable, but the overnight safari is the most exciting.

The daytime safari

It is the most difficult of them all. Whether you take a camel for the safari or a 4WD ride with a driver, these safaris are tough because of the daytime temperature. However, a daytime safari offers a lot of time and has a lot of stops during the entire safari. A daytime safari may offer stops on the oasis in the desert and other places during the day.

The evening safari

The evening safari starts usually before sunset. It is the time when the temperature starts dropping. This type of safari is taken mostly by couples.

The overnight safari

The overnight desert safari starts mostly after sunset and lasts till midnight or even later. Most of the time, these overnight safaris start at 9 PM and last 4 or 5 hours or even more.

What you get

No matter what safari you choose, it is filled with an experience of a lifetime. You can experience dune driving and dune bashing, enjoy photography (especially during the evening safaris), enjoy barbecue and belly dance of the locals (particularly during the overnight desert safari Dubai), and experience camel rides. There are also many people who like to take the entire safari on camels.

During a safari, you also get to enjoy wearing local or traditional attire. Whether you are in Dubai or Africa, there are many safaris that offer local attire in the package. During the overnight safari, you will also be given camp stays, sleeping bags, blankets and much more. If you really want to enjoy the safari, you can also take a quad bike ride. It will add more thrill to your tour.