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Get a luxury guide tips for the Exotic trip at Desert Safari World

Get a luxury guide tips for the Exotic trip at Desert Safari World. Dubai is famous for the man-made islands and snowy places. The area offers great exotic and luxury places for the citizens as well as tourists. Apart from all the glitz and glam places, the desert conservation lets the people enjoy the Desert Safari world. The place features camels, camping and drive tour. You will be able to discover a variety of recreational activities along with the authentic Arabian lifestyle. It is a place which on the top of the things to do in Dubai because it offers most of the fun. You can avail various tours at different price rate. So before you plan your visit, there are a variety of tips which can make your trip memorable. You can also enjoy  Heena Painting for women or Sand Boarding etc.

Tips for the Desert Safari world

Following are the fantastic tips which can make your trip great.

  • The place is bit bumpy, so it is advisable to have a light lunch or something in the day time.
  • Do not drink too much sodas or water.
  • Just do not worry because you will be able to enjoy the fast turns and steep dunes in the 4×4. This may increase a beat.
  • Do take your glasses, hat, and sunscreen because desert offers a great scorching heat during the daytime.
  • Wear easy clothes
  • The place does not own any dressing restrictions, but loose fitting clothes works well in the tours.
  • Do have a camel ride when the temperature is about to drop.
  • Do not forget to take a light cardigan with yourself because of temperature drops in the evening.
  • Instead of wearing sneakers or shoes, wear the flip flops or open sandals. The sand is smooth and will seep through your shoes.
  • Do not forget to take the camera with you because the place also features Al Maha which is a home for 33 mammals and species of reptile.

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Night at Desert

The night at Desert is undoubtedly fantastic. You can refresh your skills of astronomy there. It is great to look at the starry sky and find the constellations to make the night fun. The late night show features amazing belly dancers, fire dance and the fire show. You can enjoy all the Arabian traditional food. There is so much fun available in the desert. The place is accompanied with traditinal and the modern look.

So plan your trip with your family or friends and enjoy a tour of Desert Safari world.