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The Dubai Museum

The Dubai Museum which was built in 1787, is located in Al Fahidi Fort. The museum attracts millions of tourists per month, who come here to learn the history of Dubai and capture the ancient objects. It also includes antiquities and artifacts from Asian and African countries that traded with Dubai 100s of years back. You will be fascinated to see the three-dimensional paintings showing the life in Dubai before the advent of oil, and some discoveries as old as 3000 BC.

There’s a hall in the Fahidi Fort that contains ancient weapons and arms. Here you will find various types of weapons, boats, bronze cannon with cannon balls, and a well. Some traditional music instruments are also displayed here. The most interesting thing in this hall is the summer house also known as Arish. This house is made from weaved palm fronds, and has a kitchen, sitting and sleeping area, and the wind tower design which was used many years back as an alternative to air conditioning.


During your visit to the Museum, you will also see old maps of Dubai and a video showing the before and after pictures of the city. Moving ahead, you will come through a street which will lead you to a model house, family, and mosque. You will also see many gift shops that are loaded with ancient furnitures, objects, and precious pearls.Don’t forget to visit Dubai desert safari .

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Next, is the diorama which is about the sea. Scenes of the building of a dhow, and marine life will just amaze you. Moving on, you will also come across an archaeological site in Al Qusais area which will make you think of the 3000 BC. This area contains a skeleton, tombs, and cabinets filled with archaeological finds.


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