By umair

The Majarrah Souk

The Majarrah Souk is situated at the Corniche road, facing the Sharjah creek. It was completed in 1987 and the idea was conceived by the Ruler of Sharjah, His Highness Sheikh Sultan Bin Mohammad Al Qassimi, and designed by the architectural team of Halcrow International. In Sharjah tour there are many others beautiful places like Blue Souk and King Faisal Mosque.

Dubai Desert Safari tour company provides a well organized visit to this area. The souk attracts millions of tourists per year, who especially come here to capture photographs of this place. The roof of Majarrah Souk is made from gold. Jean Powell and Nick of Craig Bragdy Design in Wales created the celestial design by using thousands of peices of various sizes and shapes and 24 carat gold that were specially manufactured in United Kingdom.

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Arabic Art and Islamic patterns are designed everywhere in the interior. You will be amazed to see the decorative designs and colors ranging from earthy to precious metallic ones! If you visit the Majarrah Souk, then you must go to the second floor to see the stunning beauty of this building.