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Most people who want to experience a desert safari in Dubai have a hard time choosing which type of company should they book their tour with. Generally, there are two types of desert safari tour providers: wholesalers and direct providers. Wholesalers are the ones who typically large companies are providing their safari services by having agreements with sub-providers. If you choose a wholesaler, you will be able to receive the safari services from these sub-providers. On the other hand, direct providers are companies whom when you book your safari tours with, will directly be the ones who will give their services to you without any sub-providers. If you want to know more about their differences and from which company should you book your tour with, continue reading the article.

Safari Tours

Safari Tours

Wholesaler Safari Tour Providers

This type of desert safari provider handles more than one safari sub-providers. When you book with this type of company, you will be able to choose among some desert safari providers. The thing that you should do when you a wholesaler company is to conduct a little bit of research about that company. You should look on the company’s activities, provisions, and most importantly, reputation. This way, you will be able to ensure yourself that you will experience the best dubai desert safari. However, the drawback or disadvantage of choosing this type of company is that after booking a safari trip with them, there will be no recourse, rebooking, or cancellation. Once you have booked a trip, everything will be set into place and the sub-providers would have already arranged everything. Therefore, only choose this type of company if you are sure that nothing will get in your way of experiencing the trip which means that you will not cancel or rebook.

Wholesaler safari tour providers work with desert safari sub-providers. For this reason, when you book a safari tour with a wholesaler company, you will be referred to the sub-providers and from the list of them, you can choose which one should you receive the safari services from. The recommended thing to do when choosing a wholesaler company is to conduct some research about several companies then create a list of prospects by choosing those who have high quality services based on reviews. You can use the internet for this research. You can also add up to your criteria the cheapest over night desert safari if your budget is a tight one. However, there is a disadvantage in choosing a wholesaler company. Once you have booked a morning safari trip with them, you cannot do a rebooking or cancel your booking. You actually can but your money will not be returned. Therefore, should you choose a wholesaler company, make sure that you are already set on having a desert safari trip and nothing will interrupt your schedule in conducting it.

Direct Providers

Another kind of safari tour provider is the direct provider. Unlike the wholesaler companies, a direct provider does not have any sub-providers that you will be referred to. Once you have booked a tour with them, they will directly be the ones who will give you the desert safari tour packages. Both evening safari Dubai and morning safari are being offered. Activities that can normally be found on desert safaris are available. These activities include dune bashing, wildlife safari, quad biking, camping, and more. Like choosing wholesaler safari providers, choosing direct providers also has its disadvantage. The disadvantage is that desert safari packages offered by direct providers are typically more expensive than the ones offered by wholesalers.

Now that you have enough knowledge about the different between wholesalers and direct providers of desert safari packages, you should choose one now which suits your tastes better.


The Differences Between Direct Providers of Safari Tours and Wholesalers