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Different Types of Dates

The Arabia and the Middle East is famous for many of the products they owned. Among them, the most astonishing one is the Date also. Different Types of DatesThere are numerous sorts of dates available there and they are famous for this also. In Safari Desert also the real extract of the Arabic and gulf palm trees is represented. And the tourists here can enjoy the dates also. They will like it so much and their thirst to have more will never end up.

What do we offer?

While you would be there in Dubai and we will come to know than one of our experts will come to pick you up. You will be here in a modern vehicle. While you are here, you will have a starter to start your plan. Then you can enjoy a lot. You will be amazed by several kinds of juices and shakes. With this, you will also enjoy and taste the Arabic Traditional Tea , BBQ Dinner (For Veg and Non-Veg) and Arab Different types of Dates and realize the Arabic Culture. Then you will also be asked for dates. Several kinds of dates would be offered to you. So that you can have different tastes and can enjoy them too.

Here are many activities by us. For the men the activities like the Dune bashing and camel riding in Dubai desert safari.

Different sorts we have:

We have almost all the kinds of dates including:

Ajwa, Ankara, Bury, Berhi Rutab, Deglat Nour, Khudry, Khalas, Khalas Jambo, Mabroom, Majdoul, Rushodiah, Sukkary, Sukkary Rutab, Sggae, Sultanah, Safawi, Sefri, Sullaj, Muskany, Shalaby, Dairy, Wessali, Wannanah, Dates with Nuts, Date’s Syrup, Dates Paste, Dates Vinegar,and Dates Maamoul.

So all of these dates will be so tasty and they all have many qualities including the glucose, fructose, and sucrose. These all are essential amino acids for your body and their deference can create real harm. In this regard all of the deficiency of your body.So welcome to a healthy tour here and we are sure that you will have medical benefits also here. This is an amazing feature, and you will like it for sure. In short, you will have no compare of a morning, evening or overnight desert Safari better than us because of the features like these.


Different Types of Dates
Different Types of Dates