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Dubai Safari World: the most exciting place to visit

Dubai Safari World the most exciting place to visit

Dubai city is famous because of its unusual recreational activities and exciting tourism. Dubai is well known as the largest emirate and the most populated place on earth. The modern Dubai is now famous for its beautiful landmarks and the modern architecture. The city can be experienced with lots of sightseeing places and lets the people explore famous places. If your holiday in Dubai for the first time, then you can avail many pick and drop services for the ease and right service. So do not forget to visit Desert Safari World.

Tour info for Desert Safari World

Desert Safari is known as one of the most exciting activities which you need to add to your bucket list. You will look for the real adventure at the Desert Safari just like thrilling roller coaster, sand boarding, dune bashing and desert camping and much more exciting activities. You will surely enjoy a multitude of recreational activities. Once you enter a desert camp, you will realize a great authentic Arabian Spirit.

The best time to visit the place is afternoon. You can take a breathtaking a drive with an experienced safari driver or for the more thrilling experience you can take a drive yourself. You will find incredible stops for the pictures but remember, do visit the place before sunset because you do not want to miss the sunset at the Safari Desert.


If you have confirmed your tour with any guide, then they will tell you all the exciting offers which you can enjoy at the Desert Safari World. The camp site will let you have a camel ride, sand skiing on dunes. Girls can enjoy exciting things like beautiful Henna Painting and the photography in Arabian Dress. A shop is also present there which lets the tourists or visitors buy souvenir items from the desert. For the food, you will find a great and delicious variety such as BBQ, Arabic dishes, traditional Pakistani food which will be accompanied by Arabic music. The amazing tunes will surely make the night amazing. You can make your evening entertaining by watching the incredible dance followed by a beautiful belly dancer.

Why Desert Safari world

It is the most chaotic place which you can visit on your tours. It offers a great adventure. The hospitality service is simply fantastic. You will get to see magic shows, tandoora dances, and fire dances. The ride on the real roller coaster will surely add thrill to your trip. It is a great place for family.

The pace is remarkable which you will never forget.