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Dubai Desert

Dinner at the middle of the desert is one of the many activities included in a desert safari package. It is actually one of the most popular activities in a desert safari trip wherein most people who book safari trips include the dinner at the middle of the desert as one of their chosen activities. Nothing can beat the relaxing, romantic, fulfilling, and satisfying feels that this meal can give. Aside from the fancy and relaxing setting itself, the dinner at the middle of the desert boasts the high quality and delicious tastes of its meals. If you want to choose an evening safari Dubai then it is best to include the dinner activity. If you want to find out more about this meal, then continue reading below. Dubai Desert

Activities included in an evening safari tour are quad biking, sand skiing, bar refreshing, stargazing, night camping, and the dinner at the middle of the desert. This package is ideal to those who would rather enjoy the desert feels at night rather than the morning when the sun really hits the area.

One of the main attractions of the dinner is the BBQ. Super delicious and tasty BBQ meals are served for the dinner. Before this activity, people who choose the evening trip are fetched from their hotels then taken into the camp where they can enjoy the various activities available. The fetching time typically happens at around 5 pm.

Before having the fancy dinner, the activities offered usually include camel riding, quad biking, sand skiing, refreshing at the bar,Dune Bashing, shisha, and watching different entertainment shows like belly dancing, Traditional Arabic dresses for men and women and a magic show. The activities provided depend on the tour provider.

Since the camp you will be taken into is a shared camp, you will be able to meet different types of people. Natives will be there as well as foreign people from different parts of the world. After having a great night at the camp, you can either choose to have an overnight desert safari to better enjoy the desert in Dubai or be escorted back to your hotel. If you want to go back to your hotel, you will be escorted at around 9:30 pm. Otherwise, if you have chosen the overnight stay, you can wake up in the morning and do some extra activities like watching the sunrise and having a fancy breakfast before going back to your hotel.

Without a doubt, dinner at the middle of the desert is one of the most promising activities offered in a desert safari package in Dubai. You should try out this one and have a great night that you will never ever forget.

Dubai Desert
A Fancy, Relaxing, and Fabulous Dinner at the Dubai Desert