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Plan your trip to Desert Safari World

Plan your trip to Desert Safari World

Plan your trip to Desert Safari World

Now Plan your trip to Desert Safari World. The tour at Desert Safari world is at the top of things to do in Dubai. Anyone who has been there will surely have the most fun. The place is very exciting to visit. Different touring services provide their services at the safari world. However, prices vary for the campsite and driving facilities among the tourism companies. If you want to have fun and adventure, then visit the place during the afternoon and stay till evening for a great experience. Following are the tips which you will surely need if you are visiting the place for the first time.

Tips for Desert Safari world

Following are the great tips which you need at the desert safari. It will save your time and money.

  • The complete tour of the desert safari world takes 6 hours. If you have made reservations from the afternoon, then it will begin at 3:00 pm and ends at 10 pm.
  • It is good to have an early lunch because a long tour will upset your stomach.
  • If you are planning for the sand boarding, then do not drink too much water. The bumpy area may make you feel nauseous.
  • It is wise to take your camera, hat, and sunglasses to protect yourself from scorching heat.
  • You will need some cash for the water or snacks.
  • Wear comfortable clothes because you have to spend 6 to 7 hours on Tour. Wearing a trendy and lightweight dress is good.

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 Alert tips for the tour

  • When you are planning the visit to the safari desert, be wise enough to wear open sandals, shoes or flip flops because the sand is so smooth. It will get in the shoes or socks.
  • There is no need to take water with you everywhere in the desert. A stop is available for refreshment.
  • The degrees will drop in the evening so keep a light cardigan with yourself.
  • You will be able to enjoy the sunset and get some time at the campsite.
  • Dinner will surely be great and includes a large variety of Arabic traditional dishes.
  • The place features camel rides, smoking shisha, photographs, traditional dresses, henna tattoos, and coffee.
  • The area also lets the visitors buy souvenirs from a shop available at a campsite.

The place is very entertaining and surely worth a dedication. You will enjoy the hospitality offered by the Arabians at the site.

Plan your trip to Desert Safari World
Plan your trip to Desert Safari World