Dubai Safari World is a leading website providing travel tips and ideas to people. There are a number of guys who want to explore the United Arab Emirates. If you have any experience in travel marketing and interest in exploring Dubai Safari World  Evening Dubai Safari then this scholarship is for you!

Travelling is always a fun and we are finding people who have knowledge for its promotion. We want travelers to get everything with ease and spread all the hidden information. The basic aim is to aid society in travelling from all over the world to Dubai.

After a thorough research, we introduce SAFARI Scholarship for students of travel and tourism. This opportunity targets Graduate and Under Graduate students who want to experience hospitality, travel, and tourism.

Total Value of Scholarship: $1000/-

The travel, tourism, Information technology and hospitality students can take advantage of this scholarship program. There is no previous internship required or experience in the field of travel. The students of interest in hospitality, cooking, travel and marine management may apply.

The scholarship application is few steps away:

You need to complete these requirements and send us an email.

What do you need to apply?

Write an article with 500-1000 words on this subject:

“Dubai Safari World Travel Tips”

The article with this subject must have following:

  1. Exploring Travel in Dubai.
  2. How the travel/ tourism in Dubai can be promoted?
  3. What is the current situation and how it can be improved?

The best article will win $1,000/- value of DSW Award. This prize money can be used to buy study materials and other relevant sources.

If you want to apply then read further.

Eligibility for GSW Award?

  1. Must be enrolled in any degree/ certificate/ study programme.
  2. Write fresh and plagiarism free content.
  3. It should have up to date knowledge.
  4. It must be written in a creative way.

The content should match with the subject, contains information about travelling and it should have proper distribution.

Submit Application for GSW Award?

  1. Make a doc file and write around 500-1000 words Please make sure don’t copy from any website use Google plagiarism checker tool before apply  .
  2. Include your personal social profile like facebook, twitter, Instagram or website.

After completing the draft, email us at:

In email, you must mention following:

  • First and Last Name.
  • Contact Number.
  • Study Area/ Subject/ Program details.
  • Student ID Card or any other proof of enrollment.

The article will be our property and we can publish it on our own website or any other website.

Deadline for submission

Date of submission:10 july 2017

Time of submission: 11:59 pm

Result Date

Announcement: 12 july 2017

After finalizing, the award amount of $1,000 will be sent to your study institution.

Number of GSW Awards