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Burj Al Arab Visit – Book Burj Al Arab Visit Trip

Burj Al Arab Visit – Book Burj Al Arab Visit Trip

Burj Al Arab Visit – Book Burj Al Arab Visit Trip tour company also includes a well-managed visit to Burj Al Arab. This third tallest building in the world, is a 5 star luxury hotel that stands on a human made artificial island in Dubai. The building is surrounded by Jumeirah beach and the views are just breathtaking!


Let’s read about some special features of this hotel:


-Burj Al Arab has a restaurant named Al Muntaha. It is located 660 ft above the Persian Gulf, and offers a great view of the Dubai city. You will find a huge variety of dishes here and we 100% guarantuee you that the time you will spend here would be life time memorable. Due to it’s awesome environment and delicious dishes, Al Muntaha is claimed as the world’s only seven star hotel!


-Besides a restaurant, Burj Al Arab also contains luxury rooms and suites. Although it’s among the tallest buildings in the world, but it only contains 28 double story floors that accomodate 202 lavish rooms. All the suits feature floor to roof ceiling windows that provide magneficient views of the Dubai city.


-Egyptian styled linens, snooker tables, cinemas, libraries, bathrooms designed by one of the world’s best designers, spa & fitness centre, private beach and whirlpool baths are also included in the hotel. Besides all this, all rooms have free Wi-Fi access, flat screen LEDs, iPod, and 24-carat gold iPads.


We asure you that you will love this place. Infact, the breathtaking and awe-inspiring views will make you think of Heaven! You can book morning desert safari, evening desert safari, and overnight desert safari, to travel the place at morning, evening, and overnight, respectively. So book your tickets now and enjoy your holidays in the world’s best luxurious hotel.