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Travelling to Dubai really is a one of a kind experience since you will be able to witness the skyscrapers on the highly civilized city as well as the magnificent Dubai desert where a desert safari can be experienced. Various kinds of activities can be enjoyed in a desert safari including dune bashing, dune driving, quad biking, wildlife safari, sand skiing, sand boarding, camel riding, and a lot more. There are different types of desert safari trips. One of them is the evening desert safari. This kind of safari trip is popular for its unique combination of both exhilarating and relaxing activities. This article will teach you all the things you need to know about the morning safari experience.evening dubai safari

Just like the evening safari trip and the overnight safari, the morning trip is also fun-filled and has a lot of activities that you can enjoy.  The morning trip is perfect to those who cannot attend an evening or overnight tour due to working schedules or any other reasons. This trip is also perfect to those who prefer more adventurous and exhilarating trips.

The morning safari in the deserts of Dubai starts early in the morning wherein you will be picked up from the hotel you are currently staying in at around 8 am to 9 am. You will then board a four by four vehicle, usually a special kind of land cruiser, with a professional driver who will let you experienced a one of a kind ride. You will journey to the deserts and will notice the change in landscape from the city cements to desert sand dunes. When you arrive at the desert, you will experience several activities that will max out your exhilaration and excitements. You will have lots of fun with the dune bashing activity that will let you experience a ride like that of a roller coaster, but this time on the sand dunes. You will also experience a quad biking activity wherein you will ride a four wheel vehicle to whichever sand dunes you want to travel on.

After such exhilarating activities, you will be taken into a Bedouin style camp where you can relax. There will be unlimited supply of refreshments including mineral water, coffee, tea, and soft drinks. You will be able to relax on some nice carpets in front of a dining table.

Afterwards, you will be able to continue your morning safari experience through several in camp activities like camel riding, desert photography, sand skiing, and sand boarding.

Without a doubt, a morning desert safari Dubai is really a super fun experience that you should have. If you want to do it now or sooner, make sure to book a tour with your most preferred desert safari tour provider.


evening dubai safari
An Unforgettable Exhilaration and Relaxation in the Evening Desert Safari